WMS | Tutorial - How to accept quotation?

Tutorial - How to accept quotation?

Learn to read and accept the quotation.

  1. Click on the "My Ordered Product" option at the sidebar (web page) or menu bar (mobile).
  2. Sidebar my product
  3. In the my ordered product page, all of your order(s) are shown in the table.
  4. My ordered product page
  5. Search for the order with the status "Quotation Ready", as shown in A.
  6. Then, click on "Edit Product" button at right-hand side, as in B.
  7. In the order details page, scroll down to search for the "Purchase Detail". Your quotation is shown in the table as in C.
  8. My order details page
  9. Fill in the "Delivery Address" field, as in D. Delivery address is the destination where the ordered product will be sent to.
  10. Once you are satisfied with the quotation details, you may click on the "I agree with this quotation" button as in E.
  11. For more inquiry about the quotation, please contact the admin by email (sysmc2000@yahoo.com; qesmcrc@gmail.com) or by telephone (+607 244 7309) for more information.
  12. You may also follow the "Ordering timeline" tutorial for more information about the ordering workflow in WMS.