WMS | Tutorial - How ordering work?

Tutorial - How ordering work?

Learn about the product order timeline in WMS.

  1. The product order timeline is as shown as follows.
  2. Ordering timeline
  3. The Product Ordered is a stage when an order is placed by the customer. Customer is now waiting for the admin to create a quotation.
  4. The Quotation Created is a stage when a quotation has been created by the admin. At this stage, customer can read the quotation for his/her order and accept the quotation. Read how to accept quotation here.
  5. For more inquiry about the quotation, please contact the admin by email (sysmc2000@yahoo.com; qesmcrc@gmail.com) or by telephone (+607 244 7309) for more information.
  6. The Request Invoice is a stage when the customer has accepted the quotation provided by the admin and wants to request for the invoice.
  7. The Invoice Created is a stage when the invoice is created by the admin.
  8. The Receipt Created is a stage after the customer has paid for the invoice. A receipt is released to the customer as proof of purchase.